The adopted hawksbill turtles live in the waters around Fiji. We have identified five females who return each year to nest on Talice beach, on the uninhabited island of Yadua Taba. We use flipper tags to track and record the turtles’ locations, to help us find out more about their movement patterns.

The threats to hawksbill turtle

– Accidental capture (bycatch) in fishing lines and nets
– Hunting and poaching for their shells, meat and eggs
– Tourism and litter disturbing and polluting their nesting beaches and feeding grounds
– A rise in global temperatures due to climate change

How you are helping the turtles

£5 a month will buy one pair of binoculars for policing Marine Protected Areas
£10 a month will buy five disposable cameras to help communities gather turtle nesting data in Fiji

Whats in your Adopt A Turtle pack

When adopting a hawksbill turtle through the WWF turtle adoption scheme, you will receive a WWF Adopt A Turtle gift containing:
– A gorgeous soft toy of your hawksbill turtle
– A fact booklet about your adopted hawksbill turtle
– A print of your adopted hawksbill turtle
– A greetings card
– Tips on how you can lead a greener lifestyle
– Updates on your hawksbill turtle in the WWF 4-monthly newsletter called Insight